Delta Gamma

Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at Tennessee Technological University

Recruitment Events

Delta Gamma encourages all students to participate in Tennessee Tech's Week of welcome events that are held the week before school starts. These are events are for everyone, not just women interested in recruitment so bring out all of your friends have some fun! For information on the dates and events go to . 


Suite Tours

August 23rd, 2023

We welcome you to come join us in person and view our very own suite. You will get a chance to see why we love having a suite on campus as a place to call our home away from home. It is always convenient for studying together, eating a quick snack, and even a place we can get together and watch our favorite scenes from Pitch Perfect :)


Sisterhood Night 

August 28th & 29th, 2023

Sisterhood Night is the first night of formal recruitment. This gives us a chance to get to know you as potential new members, but also a chance for you to learn about our sisterhood. We will present a short video about our chapter, have you meet some of our amazing sisters, and get a chance to show you our genuine sisterhood and values. This is your night to get to know our chapter and for us to get to know you. Feel free to ask our sisters any questions you may have!

Philanthropy Night

August 30th & 31st, 2023

Philanthropy is an important part of being a Delta Gamma. As a chapter, we participate in numerous philanthropy events each year.  On this night you will find out all about our philanthropy, Service for Sight. Foundation is what holds us together, and Service for Sight reminds all of us the true reason for being Greek. You will learn we are also a supporter of Joining Forces, which helps soldiers that have lost eye sight or wounded their vision during battle. We have the opportunity to work closely with the Tennessee School for the Blind in Nashville, work with our golden anchor program at the local assisted living home in Cookeville, and help U.S. soldiers across the country. Take a moment to understand the Foundation on this night, while also meeting more sisters and getting to know us better.

Preference Night

September 1st, 2023

The preference round will take place on the final night of recruitment. While we have gotten the chance to get to know you throughout the week of recruitment, the selection process, on your side and ours, has brought you to our room. 

The sisters of Delta Gamma will express how much our sisterhood means to us. This is the night you will choose your future sisterhood, so take it all in and enjoy it. It is a meaningful night not only for you, but for our chapter as well. We enjoy this night to get to show our love for Delta Gamma on a serious level because it helps remind us of why we chose Delta Gamma, and that we are going to be gaining new sisters. 

 You have a tough decision to make, but we encourage you to feel comfortable and talk with our chapter members about how Delta Gamma has influenced and shaped our lives, and how much we want you to be our new sister. Don’t leave any questions to be unanswered, this night is for you to see us on a deeper level and understand why we made the decision we did while going through recruitment.  

Bid Day!

September 2nd, 2023

Finally, the waiting is over! Bid day is when you finally get the opportunity to run home. Going Greek is an amazing experience and Delta Gamma is ready with open arms to meet our new sisters!